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Slow lcd

Hello. I've got a problem with my lcd display. I'm using Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout Kit and communicating with lcd through SPI but a transfer is really slow. Refreashing a screen takes about 20 secounds. It looks like this: SPI based TFT LCD on Intel Galileo - YouTube . My lcd: 2.8inch TFT Touch Shield - Waveshare Wiki .

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Hello michalt38,



Thanks for reaching out!



I believe the issue may be due to the code that you are using to control the screen. I mean, the SPI bus on Edison can handle a maximum frequency of 25 MHz according to the Module's Hardware Guide ( and the screen driver used on the shield that you shared ( has a maximum oscillator frequency of 2.94 MHz.



Since I don't have access to this screen this is just a guess, but I don't think that the issue is related to the SPI bus but instead on how it's being used. If you use mraa (, you can easily change the SPI frequency. You can learn how mraa's SPI API works in ac0c9c78a52d6c1f9733eba821ec9dcc8. In the following example:, you can see how to set up the SPI bus including the bus's frequency.



My suggestion is that if you are not using mraa, then try interacting with the screen using this library. I believe it will be easier this way. If you have issues doing so, read the datasheet of the screen and the touch sensor driver. They will provide you a lot of useful information that will clear most of your doubts. They can be found on the link that you shared (



I hope this information helps you,


Pedro M.