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So another dead ICS after W10 10586 upgrade. Product key to revert to 8.1 ?????


Can't find a 10240 iso - so decided to take it back to 8.1, as found media creation tools for that.

However this install needs the product key - which Intel don't bother putting on/in the box - a dozen other numbers, but nothing so useful.

So how do you get the original 8.1 product Activation key for a given ICS?

Does the whole relationship between Intel and Microsoft fail at every stage - broken links, support links that loop, no proper support for activation, pass the buck between each other - would be better off with a cheap clone......

Perhaps installing Ubuntu makes far more sense.

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Hi miken-ics,

Unfortunately any new Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC or laptop will come with the product key of the operating system; it will come embedded on the system and no more tags with the product key. It is very important to keep the image of the operating system on the stick.

The website gives you the steps to upgrade the operating system to Windows® 10. Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC — Windows® 10 Upgrade Instructions


It is necessary to get in touch with and request a replacement.



Mike C