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Some (big) issues with compute stick STCK1A32WFCR



I did not use my compute stick for quite a while. Now I try to update Windows 8.1. But it fails to do so. I re-installed the OS using the recovery tool at boot-up, but still Widows won't update after new installation. (It keeps surging ...)

After the introduction of Win10 there was a message I could get a free update. Wich I tried to install. but it failed, and Win 8.1. was rolled back. So, updates did have worked...


Also some apps closes down after starting them up, wich seems to be a known issue.

I tried the update found on the Intel website, but it did not solve the problem.


I Thought about installing Win10, for wich a BIOS update is needed.

I downloaded the latest version (0034) and put it on a FAT32 formatted Mmicro SD drive and tried to install it with the F7 option.

But again, this did not work. It replied wit errors and a message that the BIOS update failed.

Also the express option using an executeble file to be started from Windows failed.

What can I do to get at least a good functional Win 8.1, wich gets its updates, and opens apps normally?

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Community Manager

Hello Decibello:



As you mentioned a BIOS update will be a good thing to try, we can try to do it again but this time instead of using the Micro SD driver we can try it now with a USB flash drive for matted at FAT32.



Since there is only one USB port, a USB hub will be needed for us to be able to do the BIOS update using the F7 method, if you have the option to get the USB HUB, please try that:



This is the.BIO file needed to do the update:



The option to do the upgrade to Windows® 10 for free was available for a limit amount of time by Microsoft, so at this point if you need to do the upgrade to Windows® 10 you will need a license to be able to do that.



On the following links you will be able to get further details about the different options to do the Windows upgrade and also confirms the information provided above:



Now, if you tried the steps above and the problem still remains, then a replacement of the stick will be necessary, specially if the problem with some applications crashing still persists.



To replace it, you can always get in contact with the place of purchase and check with them if they can do that for you, because they have their own warranty policy, or we can always do that for you.



The fastest way to replace it will be by getting in contact directly with Intel through chat, email, phone or online support, you just need to select compute stick on product type and you will get those options, at this point most of the sticks came with Windows® 10 already installed, so you can request to get one of those: @12 @12



Another option to replace it will be through here through the communities, but it might not be as fast as getting in contact directly with Intel.



Please let me know the results of trying the steps above and if you are interested in the replacement through our communities.



Any questions, please let me know.










This was helpful, together with the information found in the post about upgrading to Win10 / TH2. Thanks.

However, flashing new BIOS was not as straight forward as expected.

It took 3 attempts before finally the right Intel Trusted Ex. Engine version showed up in the system identification info header as mentioned in the Win10 / TH2 post, although Bios version 0034 was showed up.

I reinstalled Win 8.1. BUT updates still didn't work... .

So I finally attempted to install Win 10 /TH2 before considering a warranty claim. And YES now it works FINE .

If all those hours had to be paid for, I could have bought several new Compute Sticks of the 2nd generation including Win 10.

Community Manager

Hello Decibello:



You are welcome, thank you very much for providing that information.



Perfect, excellent, it is great to hear that the stick is finally working fine now, after you installed Windows® 10.



We apologize for any inconvenience.



Any other inquiry, do not hesitate in contact us again.