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SparkFun ADC Block - Intel Edison

SparkFun Block for Intel® Edison - ADC TUTORIAL!IndexUpdates
  • You can connect two different inputs and configure the ADC to display the differencebetween them, even with negative numbers! Check this page for more information about the internal hardware ADS1015 Page 11. (April/13/2015)
  • There is now an available Python library! it has basically the same behaviour as the C++ library, same functions and explanation, you can see the "Compile" section to read how to get it working. (April/14/2015)
  • There is now an available Arduino library! It was adapted from the C++ library and the main description can be followed to understand the .ino behaviour! Go ahead and read this file to understand how it works and how to get to use it! (April/15/2015)
  • You can now read the ADC Using the MCU Quark! Just follow the diagram to connect and if you need extra help to get the setup command, go to the Python folder to read how to get the configuration command in an easy way. (June/2/2015) index Back to Top

The Hardware

This is the hardware to use: SparkFun Block for Intel® Edison - ADC - DEV-13046 - SparkFun Electronics index Back to Top

The Code

This code is in my Github: humberto-garza/SparkFunEdisonADC · GitHubYou can find the Readme Document in the Intel Community here:/docs/DOC-23992 the Discussion Can be found here: /message/290450# 290450 290450 index Back to Top

Setting The Block Up

In order to make this block work, you need to consider several things:

  • You can use this block with the Arduino Breakout, the Mini-Breakout or by itself.
  • You can use it from python, node, Arduino IDE, C or C++.
  • Voltage Range:<ul style="padding: 0 0 0...
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