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TV Version and Brand can support Intel Compute Stick

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Can we know which TV Version and Brand can support Intel Compute Stick. I do have 32" (Samsung) it work but it seem like not working in 62"(Sony) with 3D. Intel Screen appear when I plug in but nothing else appear after that. Kindly assist me on this issue.

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Hello, Mahendran:

There are some things that you can do to troubleshoot this:

1. Test using different resolutions from your TV (changing them manually in your TV).

2. Make sure you are using the power adapter included with the unit to avoid any power issue while using a USB port from your TV.

3. If not in the latest BIOS, please perform an update for your Intel® Compute Stick, check instructions below.

4. There is a list of reported peripherals that customers advised us, you could check that out. Customer Reported Peripherals for Intel® Compute Stick Drivers & Software look for the model of your unit here. Intel® Compute Stick BIOS Update Instructions


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