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This is regarding Intel Realsense D435i. The camera is having Type C, is it ok to use a Type C to Type A converter cable for our Controller interface. Does it impact the data transfer/speed?


Intel Realsense D435i

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The camera's cable is full-size USB A on the end that plugs into the computing device or USB hub, and micro size C on the end that plugs into the side of the camera. So if you need a full-size Type A connection, the cable already has that and you will not need an adaptor.


Some computing devices, especially single-board computers such as development boards and industrial control boards, lack a full size USB A port and may just have a micro-size port called USB 3 OTG (On The Go). RealSense cameras can connect to these micro-ports using either an adapter or an OTG cable.




Also please note that the RealSense forum has moved to a new location, so future questions should be posted there instead of on this forum. Thanks!