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Towards corelibs-galileo for upstream kernels?


Hi all,

as there are no issues allowed on GitHub - 01org/corelibs-galileo, let's try this here: Are there plans to extend that library to work with current upstream kernels?

Kernel 3.14 is EOL, the driver interfaces of the Galileo BSP kernel changed while board support went upstream, and it's currently rather painful having to support recent kernels (mandatory for product development) together with corelibs, see meta-iot2000/meta-iot2000-example at master · siemens/meta-iot2000 · GitHub. We did not fork corelibs-galileo yet, which would allow us to reduce patches on the kernel side but may create issues later when staying in sync with the project. So it would be great if we can develop a common roadmap if possible.

Some features corelibs-galileo builds upon seem to require work on upstream first, at least the fast GPIO UIO interface. This is, well, not very safe by design. We rather need something that allows synchronization with in-kernel GPIO usage. Are there ideas for this already? Are you aware of more feature gaps?



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Hi JanKiszka,

Thanks for your interest in the Intel Galileo Platform.

In this community we only provide technical support related to the Intel Galileo, we don't know if there are any plans to extend this libraries.

Still we will take your concerns into account and communicate your suggestions to the right Department.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,