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Troubles building kernel modules in the yocto environment


Hi, I am trying to build a kernel module and have been failing miserably. Following the BSP guide I have done steps 2, 2.1, and 5. I am able to include modules by modifying the kernel in step 5 but getting the module to build has been troublesome. I am following the "Add BATMAN module" guide (here IoT - Intel® Edison - adding kernel modules to Yocto* - example "batman" | Intel® Developer Zone) but cannot even get the batman module to add. The image succeeds on the build but there is no .ipk or .tar output file after the build. I tried to "opkg install" one of the already built packages in the "build/tmp/deploy/ipk/edison/" directory and I get the response "opkg command not recognized". Would this mean the environment is broken somehow? I am new to this whole building custom images thing and any help would be appreciated. Also I am running Ubuntu 12.04 on the host.

Thanks, Curtis

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Hi CurtisR,

Could you please share pictures of the process that you're following to add the batman module? We would like to see if there's something missing that might be causing the issue.

Regarding the guide about adding kernel modules to Yocto, one of the comments suggests an alternative method to make the change to the kernel configuration (the comment belongs to Nathaniel), have you tried following this method?

Also, when using opkg install on the built packages, which command did you use exactly? If possible, share a picture of the command and the output.




Hi Pablo,

I actually have solved the issue with building the module. After running "bitbake -c compile_kernelmodules virtual/kernel" I needed to rebuild the entire image with "bitbake edison-image" and then the module was built and I was able to insert the module. Also I found this guide which goes through the whole procedure with the most recent release of yocto. It was easier to follow with the various folders being renamed. Creating a Custom Linux Kernel for the Edison (release 2.1) | Shawn Hymel. Thank you for your help and thanks to Shawn for the guide.