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Turn off the Intel Edison by programming from the Arduino IDE

Hello, is there any way to turn off the Intel Edison by programming from the Arduino IDE?

I want to turn it off before removing the microSD card from the adapter, to make sure that the data is well stored and that all the information is there.


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Hello Eduardo,



Thank you for your interest in our Intel products.



I don't know any way of shutting down the Edison from Arduino but you can do it by opening a shell and issuing a "shutdown -P now" command.



You can also power the Edison down with the PWR button. You have to press and hold it for a while and you will see how the Edison is powered down. To power it up just press and hold the PWR button again. If you have a terminal session open while doing this process you will see how the Edison boots once it is powered up when using this method.


If I am not mistaken the card is mounted and is visible to the Intel Edison.

Normally when an SD card is seen, it is mounted so the OS can see it.

I am not sure the name of the device that was created for your SD card. However this is the general command to unmount.

umount /media/sdcard

umount makes sure that all data is written (flushed) to the SD card before you can remove it.



Hope this helps.