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USB issues and boot fails occasionally



So I have 2 compute sticks, one has been one the bedroom TV for a few months, with no issues. The other day I went to turn on the input, and the Keyboard was not functional. So rebooted and I got the Blue screen with the message that some device is corrupt or missing for bootup... I reboot and it boots fine, but No keyboard and mouse combo, no usb hub will function... just an old wired keyboard will function, but not allow me into bios or recovery options. I hit the keys and that is when I see the friendly blue screen saying it is missing a file. I know it is out of Warranty with where I bought it from, so I guess I am on my own trying to fix it. Tried navigating through Windows with a Keyboard, and have tried uninstalling USB keyboards, HID devices, and having Windows re install them, but it locks up everytime I plug any combo into the USB, or HUB.

I cant get into BIOS, I cant get into recovery.... Windows menu for settings tells me to reboot and press the keyboard button, but that does not work either. Any suggestions to get it to boot into recovery?

OH, the Power button method does not work either.... it just shows a half screen with the words, pull down to shutdown your PC.

Any help would be appreciated....



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Well at the suggestion of another post tried to do a bios update but it will not let me go that far... Just sits at a black screen and the keyboard lights, and the blue Light on the stick alternate flashing.... 4 hours later.. same thing.. Tried to contact Intel Customer support and no chat available and no response to my filing a request for support...

Recovery Image successfully made from the working stick I have would not load to the system either. It appears due to the fact the USB will not recognize any usb hubs, I cannot use it as a boot device, and have any sort of Keyboard/mouse combo. SD card will not allow boot or use with the recovery steps. All of the words left the screens now so all I see is the blue screen with the boxes and Icons, but have NO idea what is what.... I think it is safe to say this unit is a brick... Warranty is still active, so I am hoping Intel will respond soon and replace it.


If you need warranty service, please contact Intel support team at: Contact Support



Like stated in the previous post... I already did with no response.

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Phone them. The link provided above will take you to a list of number(s) for your locality...