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Ubuntu 16.0.4 for Edison (Wireless/MMC/SD-Card Enabled Mainline) is available for download!

New Contributor II

Download here

(1) Current Kernel is 4.8RC4 Mainline supporting the following:-

Wireless, External SD-Card, Internal MMC, SPI/I2C

(2) Working-in-progress (streamline):-

SPI/DMA, PWM and intel_idle

(3) Not-yet-started/Unknown:-

No Audio, no BT, no PSH - Platform Service Hub aka Quark MCU, SST - Smart Sound Technology for now

(5) Mainline support with device-tree will officially begin from Kernel 4.9

(6) Login as root/password

Please edit /etc/network/interfaces and include your ssid and password within double quotes.

wpa-ssid "ssid"

wpa-psk "password"

Ap mode is also supported for Ubuntu

(7) Credits to Andy Shevchenko for all the current and future work. His handle in lntel communities is 0andriy

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Great job getting Ubuntu to run on the Edison!

I am currently trying to get a custom kernel to run on Edison, but I can't seem to get the 8250 serial console to work on any mainline kernels past 4.6.7. I have also tried using Andy's repository with his i386_defconfig and serial still doesn't work. Any ideas?

Also, I have a couple questions related to your Ubuntu 16.0.4 build:

  • Are there changes required to the u-boot environment to successfully boot 4.8-rc4?
  • Can you please provide the kernel config that was used to build the 4.8-rc4 kernel?



Hi, Thanks for the Ubuntu 16.04.

When I flash this version to MMC memory, I didn't have any problems.

However, when I flashed it to SD card by following AlexT_Intel's instruction.

The problem I encountered was that I couldn't log in using root/password.

When I enter "root", the system returned error without asking password.

Can you figure that out?

Thanks a lot in advance.

New Contributor II

Sorry not much time these days MusicIsLife and pilwonhur.

I will try to see if I post all changes, source code, tutorial on how-to make one yourself. I use a customized u-boot. And it should work on external-mmc, whats the error?