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Unable to access Edison local IP through browser. (Intel Edison Compute Module with Mini Breakout Board)

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So I am trying to get my intel edison wifi module and mini breakout kit set up. But accessing the local Edison IP from the browser doesn't work event though I am able to ping and ssh into the same IP. This is what I have finished so far:

1. Connected the board to computer and downloaded/installed drivers.

2. Downloaded image and installed firmware. (currently 201606061707 when I exec cat /etc/version in linux terminal of Edison board)

3. Access Edison terminal through serial port and ran configure_edison --setup, and setup device name and hooked up to same wifi as my computer.

4. ran configure_edison --showWiFiIP and it output the correct IP (

5. I can then ssh into edison terminal from computer terminal, and also ping it, and it all works. But pointing the browser to that ip errors out "Secure Connection Failed"

I have tried in both Windows 10 and 64bit Ubuntu linux and neither works. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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Hi PritSat,



Thank you for contacting us. The problem you're describing is a known issue in the latest image. This has been reported before and the proper team has been notified. Hopefully, this will be fixed in future releases.



The workaround suggested is to use a previous image where this feature was still working.


You can check /message/436061# 436061 436061 and /message/431038# 431038 431038 for example. Here you can find links to images that work and additional discussions of this topic.



Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.