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Unable to ping from Gen2

Hello everyone,

I am a student and new to Galileo, the question may be quite simple, but I can't find a solution even I googled two days.

To get started, I followed the first three steps on IoT - Step 1: Make a bootable micro SD card | Intel® Software

So I had a serial connection to the board and I can login the Linux system as a root. Then I plugged in the Ethernet cable into the port on the board and did "ifconfig" through Putty, I got the IP address "". I noted it down and later did the SSH, however there was no response. I tried to ping "" from the board, it failed either. I did some search and some say that an Arduino sketch is needed to enable Ethernet, do I have to do this? Please help on this, thanks so much.



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Hi Xiaoyu,

I just replied in the other thread you posted this question. Now I wonder if Galileo is really booting from the SD Card... please send a screen capture of the Galileo grub options at startup or at least the number of options it shows.



Hi Fernando,

Thanks for your quick response firstly! Your reply on the other thread help me a lot. For the ping issue, I tried to ping to an IP address rather than a host name and it works! And for the ssh, I made it by typing "root@192.168.x.x" in putty, but if I simply type the address "192.168.x.x" there is no response. Still working on the reason. Thanks so much for your help again!!

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I just had the same issue. Seems that my DNS server was not set. Use connmanctl to set up your nameservers and it works.

root@galileo:~# connmanctl services

*AO Wired ethernet_984fee01869a_cable

This provided me the right service. I then used the service to set the name server. The nameserver I used was my router address.

root@galileo:~# connmanctl config ethernet_984fee01869a_cable --nameservers

Hope this helps.

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