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Using Sample Code and Actuation from the cloud


Dear Intel Galileo Support Team,

Have started recently to the world of Intel Galileo Gen 2, Javascript & Cloud Analytics. Am a technical guy, understand logic within programming languages but struggle with the tooling.

With the Intel Galileo Gen 2, I use the Intel XDK to read data from the sensors onto the console. Am able to read the various sensors from the Grove kit and am now clear with the documentation where the the temperature data is sent to the cloud by registering the devices and making the charts as indicated in Figure 11 of IoT - IoT Kit Agent | Intel® Developer Zone.

Am clueless from the next line onward as there is no guidance/references to a novice. I understand that these are two different networking protocols (with its own pros/cons). I have read postings on the mqtt protocol

and also another similar issue as mine IoT dashboard Control/Actuator working code or tutorial?.

Evidently there are people like me out there!

...""There are two additional ways to send observation data to the IoT Analytics site:

Am listing my challenges below as I am struggling with the Intel Documentation.

- All I want to do is to read my Grove temperature sensor onto the cloud using the Intel XDK, plot it on a chart, set a rule that a LED blinks when the temperature goes above 35 deg Celcius.

Can I get an XDK Project in Javascript which I can use here.


This would help me in bridging the data transfer to & fro with the sensor to the cloud.

Am not able to use the code in GitHub. The readme part is really cryptic to me. Am wondering how to Start a project, include the right kind of files in it and define the pull,get functions etc. enableiot/iotkit-samples · GitHub

The details in this page needs updating definitely for the Cloud connectivity part

Have spend several days trying to readup on various topics and am quite frustrated.



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Hello rve150,

Have you checked the Actuation side of the Intel® IoT Developer Kit Cloud-based Analytics User Guide? If you haven't already done it, I suggest you to check it: IoT - Actuation | Intel® Developer Zone.



Hi Peter,

Thanks for the feedback. Its precisely at that page within the Intel Documentation that I am lost.

I copied the code from GitHUb for the Javascript version hoping to blink the LED on the Galileo Gen 2

Nothing seems to happen.See attached screenshot from the Intel XDK console. Perhaps you can redirect me to some basic tutorials to getting started here.




Sorry for the delay in my response.

We were able to setup the actuations from IoT Analytics using the following sample code. iotkit-samples/actuation-sample.js at master · enableiot/iotkit-samples · GitHub iotkit-samples/udp-sample.js at master · enableiot/iotkit-samples · GitHub

Using the two links from above as reference, we wrote a simple code that does the following:

1. Read the temperature sensor

2. Send the observation to the IoT Analytics

3. Listen for actuations

We activated a board with IoT Analytics and registered two components:

1. temperature as a sensor

2. LED as a actuator

Create a complex command in the Control section.

Using the LED component (actuator) create a complex command with parameter Value 1 and Transport type as websockets.

Create rule in My Rules Section

Create two rule that reads the temperature sensor, when the temperature sensor reaches a specific temperature the rule will be executed.

One rule will be created to send email when the rule is executed. The second rule will send the actuator signal to the board.