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What happened to Edison documentation?

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Hi Intel,

Thanks for providing the amazing compute module. However, the documentation is dark side. I have handful examples to show this.

1. How to design a permanently attached USB hub on customized board? They are a few docs for reference, i.e. edison hardware guide etc. Then, how to connect Vbus pin? leave it open? ground? or to 5V? What happened if Vbus pin to 5V all the time? No clear documentation showed that. Besides, one of the post described the exact question, and some people from Intel asked to cut the 5V wire to see if it works...... (thanks god, it works for him, it works for me as well)

2. Why there was no documentation to show CS0 of SPI is used by Arduino break board? I believe there will be many people designed a customized board with CS0 then find out CS0 is used by arduino board. BTW, I could not understand the logic of making CS0 dedicate to Arduino board.

3. It is 2016 now, two years since the edison annocement, why there is still no step by step tutorial for edison yocto image rebuild process? The latest Board Support Package documentation still have edison-src.tgz in the text. Have anyone who approved the document ever tried to follow the instruction?! Why using yocto is such a painful experience? I guess it is reasonable to have so many post about all kinds of rebuild failure questions.

4. Could Edison development team come up with an exhaustive list of dependent packages? For example: icedtea and openJDK etc are required but not listed in any of the documentation.

5. How to build a minimal version of yocto os for Edison, I meant no board specific "extras", like the adc kernel module for arduino breakout board. A step by step tutorial will be highly appreciated.

6. Is there a documentation shows the forbidden zone in designing custom board? Like SPI CS0 could not be used, UART2 is used for console output, Vbus need extra attention, which I2C could be used by MCU, which I2C is not available for whatever reason,

In my experience, edison module is every aspect inferior to Raspberry Pi even beagle bone, except for its hardware. Though I do like its small form factor and computational power, the steep learning curve might divert me to a more common user friendly platforms. Anyway, I do want to see intel could provide better documentations for linux begineers.


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New Contributor I

I totally agree, fantastic hardware but the documentation is confusing/absent.

I would be very interested for example in knowing and been shown in a simple step by step illustration how one sets up the Edison software so that all or most pins can be used as simple GPIO's instead of being dedicated to certain functions -- which I will never use. There has got to be a lot of people that would be interested in this. Just slapping off some general comments here or pointing to some general previous tread is of no use to anybody. The response needs to be detailed and written up by somebody that has/is actually doing it.

That said, I do appreciate the dedication of the few that do spend the time to help us all here.