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Why IoT boards, when Atom is there


Hello Experts

A naive question. Why do we have to use Edison, Joule or Curie.

Cannot I customize the Intel core i7/ Atom/m3 to scale down frequency and memory to work on them, prove the PoC, before customizing the hardware solution using FPGA.

So, can we scale down these high processors to limit to several curies capabilities using multi tasking and multi threading ?

Thanks in Advance

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Hi Protocoder,



Thank you for contacting us.



As I understand from your question, you want to know why you should use platforms such as the Edison, Joule or Curie when there are more powerful options available for purchase, is this correct?



If that's the case, the reason why there are multiple platforms and options is so customers can choose, based on the product specifications, and what it's aimed for, the best product for their project. Before deciding which device is more suitable for a specific project is important to take into consideration many factors such as price, software tools available for developing and technical specifications among others.



Other products, such as the FPGAs, even though some can be more powerful than the IoT boards you mention, won't necessarily have all the same resources available. For more information on what the other processors and FPGAs can do, go to the appropriate product forum . Here you'll be able to get more information about the capabilities of these specific products.



Let us know if this answers your questions.





-Sergio A