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Wifi hotspot disconnection: freeze completely the compute stick (Windows 10)



After, like all of you, having a painfull upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 10, I noticed the terrible issue regarding wifi.

Bios is uptodate (31)

We use the stick on a TV in an open space to display dashboards. We use our laptop to share the wifi connection to the stick.

Each time we go take a break or lock down our computer, it disable the wifi sharing endpoing on host machines

Then, the compute stick completely freeze. Only the mouse respond, we can only move it.


- Hotspot wifi goes down

- Webpage displayed via chrome on compute stick complains that there's no connexion

- Hotspot wifi comes back to life

- Compute stick does not reconnect to the hotspot because it's froze: infinite load on windows bar, no command respond.

Must hard reboot the stick.

We can't use ethernet, nor have a wifi hotspot that last more than 4 hours. Otherwise I wouldn't have opened this thread.

Do you have a fix for that please ?

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Just be grateful that your device is still working. Many of us can't even get it past boot.

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Hello tristanb,

Thank you for joining the Intel communities.

Did this happen once you upgraded to Windows 10 or did you run the update for the Windows® 10 Threshold 2, we have seeing some issues as you can see at the following link: Re-Enable Wireless After Updating to Windows® 10 Threshold 2

Please see Windows® 10 Threshold 2 Update Guide for Intel® Compute Stick...

Best wishes,