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Workaround for Failure to Sketch Upload

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Alternative solution for image bigger SD card


root@dhcppc2:/# uname -a

Linux dhcppc2 3.8.7-yocto-standard # 1 Tue Sep 29 22:16:33 GMT 2015 i586 GNU/Linux

In IDE, select File-> Preferences,

click the link file for more preferences, edit the "preferences", close the IDE,

change the build.verbose = true in the file, save the file, start the IDE, compile the sketch,

copy / paste the path of aquivo in the address bar. (That part has been said in the community. It shows the path of the temporary file that was compiled !)

Copy the temporary file ********. cpp.elf to a pen drive and paste in folder

sketch of Galileo. rename the sketch to sketch.elf

To access the files on the drive where you saved the sketch:

Run the commands to mount the unit:

# fdisk -l

# mkdir -p /mnt/"directory name"

# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/"directory name"

Delete everything in the sketch directory.

# rm /sketch/sk*

After accessing the unit through Galileo

Copy the file *******.cpp.elf using the command:

Example Blink.cpp.elf

# cp *******.cpp.elf /sketch/sketch.elf

# eject /dev/sda1

# reboot

When Galileo restart the sketch will run!

This was a solution in which I am using to be able to run sketches in Galileo, For uploading directly from the IDE only results in failure with Windows 7.

The same goes for Debian 8.2, but sometimes it works ...


Do not forget to eject the flash drive before starting Galileo!

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