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Yes, another " A bootable device has not been detected" issue - Worst Intel experience ever.

Dear all,

I'm here to share my experience with Intel Computer Stick. I have a STK1A32WFCR model with boot up problem.

This issue occurred without any sign. Basically, when I power on my device, it displays the Intel Computer Stick Logo and booting option (F2F7F8F10) for 30 seconds, then it would stuck into " A bootable device has not been detected" screen forever.

I've contacted with an Intel Support representative. And he advised me to try F4 Power button menu to recover my BIOS, It doesn't worked out for me.I have also done some research on this community and tried other recovery/update methods, but it seems like the problem is not about recovering BIOS.

When I pressed F2 to check boot set up menu, It shows that "No Boot Drive" in boot drive order option. i think that explained why it couldn't detect bootable device even after i recover my BIOS.

Intel Computer Stick was a great concept to make PC become more portable than ever before. I was really enjoyed to use my devise, even though not for too long before it dead. After I read those similar issues which happened to so many computer stick users, it worries me that the actual build quality of this product is far less from what Intel has been advertised, at least for the first generation models.

When I was chatting with Intel Support Representative, he asked me to provide the model number, and promised me that he can replace my device if troubleshooting does not work out for me. After I tried all those methods, again he mentioned in followed up email that they will replace my devise. However, he told me in last email that he cant replace my devise as my warranty were expired. It really disappoints me, he never informed me anything about the warranty police and just simply keep offering me the replacement plan. Obviously, most of STK1A models are currently out of 1 year warranty coverage. it is not hard to explain the warranty policy before giving hope to customers then destroy it at the end.

Anyway, hope my experience may helps those who's planning to purchase computer stick to re-consider the quality and value of this product. And also wish it helps Intel to improve their customer service standards.

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Hello Elham36,

My apologies for the inconvenience, we respect all feedback and comments regarding this situation.


Amy C.

New Contributor III

During your troubleshooting did you try re-installing Windows using an ISO from Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) written to a USB using Rufus as your BIOS shows 'USB Boot' enabled?