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connmanctl fails to connect to enterprise wifi?

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I'm still plugging away at connecting my Galileo Gen 2 board to the school's enterprise (802.1x) wifi network and still not really getting anywhere. I have found the instructions for "WiFi access on Intel Galileo" at WiFi access on Intel® Galileo with Yocto* Linux | Intel® Developer Zone to be quite helpful. I certainly have no problems with the board connecting to my standard WPA2 network at home whenever it boots. I have installed an Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200 PCI-E card, and I'm running what I believe is the latest IoT Linux distribution for the board.

When I try to use connmanctl to set the board up to connect to the school enterprise wifi, I just get errors that suggest to me I don't know how to drive connmanctl correctly - since this command is new to me, I don't find this too surprising. I was hoping someone could give me some guidance as to why it doesn't seem to want to even try to connect. For instance:

connmanctl> services


EDU wifi_001500a43360_454455_managed_ieee8021x

connmanctl> agent on

Agent registered

connmanctl> connect wifi_001500a43360_454455_managed_ieee8021x

Error /net/connman/service/wifi_001500a43360_454455_managed_ieee8021x: Invalid arguments

I also tried to follow the suggestion at the bottom of the page for an enterprise network, by creating the settings file and trying to connect but I still get an error.

connmanctl> connect EDU

Error /net/connman/service/EDU: Method "Connect" with signature "" on interface "net.connman.Service" doesn't exist

I'm not very familiar with connmanctl so would love some help. I've now been trying to connect this Galileo board to the school network for over three months! (I only visit every fortnight).


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A similar issue happened to this user . Take a look at the suggestions and let me know if this works for you.


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Thanks Sergio, that appears to be based on switching back to the standard wpa_supplicant approach, rather than using connmanctl. I didn't get time to try that approach yesterday. I will give it another go ASAP and report back. I only have one certificate for my network, but it's the one that apparently worked on a Pi, so hopefully it will be OK.

I note that it talks about editing the files in /etc/network/interfaces, but one of the things that I found confusing was that the Linux distro on the board doesn't even have that directory, I wasn't sure what to make of that.


re connman see my answer on