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documentation issues

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1) Intel Software Setup Assistant flash Edison boards with 201606061707 firmware version and Poky Dizzy 1.7.3

where can we download the source package for 1.7.3 ? ( and edison-src-ww25.5-15.tgz still use 1.7.2)

2) Intel Edison Board Support Package User Guide (May 2015 Revision 006 [331188-006]) tell us we should "Download the BSP source package edison-src.tgz from the Intel® Edison Software Downloads page"

but that file does not exist on the download page so where can we download the latest source?

3) it looks like Poky Dizzy 1.7.3 is the latest supported version from Intel for Edison?

what are the plans to support newer releases?

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Hi Andre.M,



Thanks for reaching out.



I'll try my best to answer your questions, so I hope you find the following information helpful:



You can find the latest source package here:, it has the version 1.7.3. That .zip file includes a README with the steps to build the image.



About the newer releases, we don't have plans for it yet. So I can't answer this question for