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edison develop..


I would like to know how to develop the Linux Intel Edison.

Url here include insufficient.

How to coding and how it works, and how the library would like to know how to install and include.

I would like to know in detail.

I would like to know the sites or examples that you can see an example.

Intel Edison and I set back, I want to know how to coding in Linux.

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There are several options and languages available to program the Edison. You can use an IDE and you can also use shell. More information on the IDEs can be found here . Each IDE has different functionality, and different features; take a look at the Overview and User guide sections of each IDE so you can choose the one that better fits your needs. If you wish to use the Linux terminal directly then you can use Python, for example, as it comes preinstalled in the image, which can be downloaded here .



About the examples, there are lots of examples of code available; in which programming language are you interested in developing? This will help us suggest something more specific and that you'll find more helpful.





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Do you still need help with this thread, did you find the information we recommended about developing with Edison useful?