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edison.local how to change it? [solved]

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How can I change the default edison.local hostname? I want to start an access point on my edison module on yocto 2.1. When I connect my phone to the AP want to be able to use a custom hostname to hit an http server on Edison?

http://myCustomEdisonName:80/ http://myCustomEdisonName:80

When I change hostname in


to myCustomEdisonName the actual DNS name is myCustomEdisonName.local. Where does that .local come from?




OK, I did some more research. .local is actually a standard for link-local Multicast DNS host names. More here .local - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

.local is a special top level domain reserved to use in the local networks with Multicast DNS. So .local has to be there for other devices in the network to be able to properly resolve a local multicast dns name like myCustomEdsioName.local -> IP_ADDRESS



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