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fan on my compute stick has stopped working

Community Manager

the fan on my compute stick has stopped working and now the device overheats. Is there any way to fix it myself? if is there any service option in the UK for a repair? the device is just under a year old.

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Community Manager

Hello HamzaSM:



Even though it seems to be a hardware issue, as a troubleshoot step, if you can access the BIOS, you can always try to restore the BIOS to defaults or a BIOS update, but if the fan is not working at all, then it might be risky to try that, because it could get overheated.



Just in case, on the following link you will find the instructions to do a BIOS update:



In regard to your inquiry, yes, if you know any PC repair store close to you, they might be able to assist you in trying to repair the stick.



Intel® does not have an official repair center in UK, but we can always replace the stick for you.



If you are interested in the replacement, please get in contact directly with us through chat, email, phone or online support, on the link below, you just need to select compute stick on product type and you will get those options, the warranty on it is global, and we do have support for UK, if you are going to use the phone, in that case we recommend to use it on UK working hours: @12 @12



Any questions, please let me know.