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feature request Intel edison mini-breakout: USB on pin header section

Dear list,

One of the nice things about the intel Edison is that it can operate as a USB host for peripherals. Another nice thing is the small form factor.

In my particular design (everything has to fit on a relatively small musical instrument (trumpet)) it would be nice if I could use the USB host interface from the pins and not from the micro USB connector. It seems there are still a few PINs that are not used on the board.

The micro USB host is great for prototyping purposes but for a permanent design it would be nice to have this extra feature...

Are there more people who would support this?

Best, Hans.

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Community Manager

Hi Hans,



Thank you for contacting us.



We really appreciate all feedback from the community. We always take the community users input and ideas on how we can improve and pass all the valuable feedback to the team that would be able to make it happen. We'll forward your case to the right team so they're aware there are users requesting this feature.





-Sergio A