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flashing edison

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Is it possible to flash edison breakout board with images other than poky. Like ubuntu or embedded windows or debian,.... If so, how to do it? Any guide for doing it? Please elaborate.


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Hi Arun,



Thank you for contacting us.



I just want to say that this question is beyond our support, because our official OS is Yocto. But, there have been some cases of users on this community using different OS:



Ubilinux was developed by a third party company called Emutex. They own the support of Ubilinux, so, you might be able to get more information about it in this site:



Another user was able to build a Debian Image for the Edison, check this thread:



I also found this link:, it seems that this user installed WinXP on the Edison.



I hope you find this helpful, and feel free to post any information that you consider useful for the community, we will appreciate it.



Have a nice day.





Leonardo R.