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hdmi switch no display


Intel Stick STK1AW32SC won't work with HDMI switch -

No HDMI out when connected to the switch, using TeamViewer to remote control it and the Intel Control Panel shows the display as a "Virtual Display".

I have 4x Intel Stick STK1AW32SC and 4x of this HDMI switch, same happens with all of them.

Only the Intel Stick won't work with the switch, everything else I connect to it works fine (game consoles, Dell computers, Android devices, Chromecast, Airtame).

Is there no option in BIOS, Windows or via Intel driver to force HDMI on?

BIOS 0037 -

Intel HD Graphics 400 driver

Windows 10 Home 32-bit

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I cannot comment on those products, but I can say that I am successfully using both NUCs and Compute Sticks with the following HDMI KVMs and HDMI Switches: 4-Port HDMI 4K Ultra HD KVM Switch with Audio Switch MIC USB 2.0 Hub, UL Certified Safety Power Adapter, Win… Zagall 4x1 USB HDMI KVM Switch: Computers & Accessories Zettaguard 4K x 2K 3 Port 3 x 1 HDMI Switch with PIP and IR Wireless Remote Control, HDMI Splitter Switcher …

Now, this support is subject to the monitor wakeup issue that has been discussed elsewhere in this forum. I have avoided this issue by disabling Monitor Sleep and System Sleep in these NUCs and Compute Sticks.

Hope this helps,