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how can I set a higher resolution than 1920x1080?


I recently bought the intel compute stick and plugged it into my 21:9 screen, that has about 2500x1080 pixels resolution.

now i either have a fetched screen or i have 2 black parts on my screen.

so i want to configure it for the normal screen size, as every other computer does automatically.

btw i had a lot of troubles updating on windows 8.1, so i installed windows 10 enterprise and since i activated it, it work better, but it's still slow. Probably after a few updates it works better.

so how can I set the display resolution to my desired amount?

yours faithfully

Marco Cacciatore

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Hello cacciu,

Thank you for joining the Intel communities.

Could you please provide me with your system configuration?

Motherboard model:

Processor model:

Intel® Graphics Driver Report:

Please access the following link to take the steps to get the Graphics Driver Report: Graphics Drivers — Intel® Graphics Driver Report

If you have a laptop please reply with the laptop model.

Please see if the information at the following link can help you. Graphics Drivers — Display Resolutions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Hello ivanu_intel

i have the Intel Compute Stick with Windows 8.1 with Bing, but I upgraded it to Windows 10 Enterprise

I do not know it exactely, but i can look it up and answer asap

Thank you


cacciu, the report would have given you the information that ivanu_intel requested. However make sure you install the latest video drivers. Windows 10 would have overwritten the drivers with the MS certified one. Downloads for Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC

Also, I have the LG ultra wide which are 21:9 as well. HDMI does not support 2560x1080. To get that resolution you need DVI-D or DisplayPort, and if you use an adapter make sure the adapter can support the resolution. Your monitor manual will tell you which ports support 2560x1080 since not all ports do support it.

After you know if you can connect using that resolution from the monitor point, then you might have a limitation in the graphics power of the embedded GPU. I am not sure it can support it.

I would try it here, but I don't have any locally with me and the only stick that I have running right now it is running Linux.

I am waiting on 2 more I ordered yesterday, so once I receive them I can try them out. But I am pretty sure the LG UM29 does not support 2560x1080 on HDMI, so I am using mine with DVI-D (my cards do not have DisplayPort).

I am also using 21:9 at home, and the monitors are connected using DisplayPort

....Checking HDMI specs, only HDMI version 1.4 would work. Previous versions did not have enough throughput to support over 1920x1200.

The Intel ComputeStick has HDMI 1.4a, but your monitor has to have 1.4 as well. In mine I could not find anything that says it does, but I do know that not even with my video cards at home the HDMI was displaying at full resolution.

If you have another computer that can display at 2560x1080 on that same monitor in HDMI then it works, otherwise it does not.

Also, LG has software for its monitors. Not sure which monitor you are using, but it is a possibility as well