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how to install program/software in running qemux86 emulator

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Hello everyone,

After so many trials, finally I made it possible to make yocto image. Well its just a core-image-minimal right now and I can run it in the emulator.

Now my next confusion is how do I install functionalities into that image.

Its just a core-image-minimal so it doesn't have Wifi or anything, as it says it just allows a device to boot. Do i have to build a new image to have those functionalities ?

Another is, even after building a new image which is having WiFi n all functionalities, how do I copy/transfer an executable HeloWorld c program into that running image in the QEMU emulator ? Do i have to copy it in some folder where my image has been built ?

P.S: And one more thing I forgot to ask, how do I know which packages are needed for the functionalities I want in my image ?

For example, I want wifi and bluetooth in my image but there is no specific package/dependency in the given list of all packages in HOB. So how to overcome this ?

Thank you

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Why did you build that image without any features? The recommended thing when creating your own image, in this case, would be to create the Edison image that can be found in the BSP . Using this approach you'd have the features you need, and instead of adding the things needed you'd just have to disable things you don't need.


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with the help of BSP , i built an edison image successfully.

one more confusion is, where do i find the list of all packages with their description ?


I mean if I want to know which packages are used for what functionality, is there any guide or list ?

for example, if i don't want to have these two functionalities, (1) ssh (2) audio (suppose I'm not going to use them ever in my edison) , can I remove some packages so that my 633 MB sized image can be some what lighter ?

If yes, is there any way to have list of files/packages with description of all that so i can know which packages to keep and which to exclude ?

If no, is there any other way to make a small sized edison image ??

Thank you

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some more things to ask,

I want to remove some lines from my meta-intel-edison-distro/recipes-core/images/ file. i want to know their functionality and if I remove them, it'll affect my edison performance or not.

(this may remove audio support. Fine. I don't want that)

1) # Add audio firmware 

IMAGE_INSTALL += "sst-fw-bin"

# ALSA lib and utilities 

IMAGE_INSTALL += "alsa-lib"


IMAGE_INSTALL += "alsa-utils-alsamixer alsa-utils-alsactl alsa-utils-aplay alsa-utils-amixer"

(this may remove arduino support. Fine. I don't want that too)

2) # Edison Arduino stuff 

IMAGE_INSTALL += "clloader"

(now what is this ? does it make any problem with my edison from working correctly ??)

3) # Edison Middleware stuff 

IMAGE_INSTALL += "packagegroup-core-buildessential"


IMAGE_INSTALL += "iotkit-opkg"

IMAGE_INSTALL += "zeromq-dev" 

IMAGE_INSTALL += "cppzmq-dev"


IMAGE_INSTALL += "paho-mqtt-dev"

IMAGE_INSTALL += "mdns-dev" 

IMAGE_INSTALL += "iotkit-comm-js"


IMAGE_INSTALL += "iotkit-comm-c-dev"

IMAGE_INSTALL += "oobe"IMAGE_INSTALL += "iotkit-agent" 

IMAGE_INSTALL += "iotkit-lib-c-dev"


IMAGE_INSTALL += "xdk-daemon"

(assuming XDK as the IDE provided by intel for development) I don't want to connect with XDK, so may I delete all these packages from this file ??

or should I remove only IMAGE_INSTALL += "xdk-daemon" to not to get the XDK support . ?


If what you're looking is a list or document with the complete list of packages you can include in an Edison image, their functionality and how much space it will use, I'm not aware that such a document exists. If you're looking for the package files in the image look at build/tmp/deploy/ipk/edison and for each package you'd have to look for the description and functionality of each separately.

About your second question, it depends what your goal is and what functionality you want your image to have. For example, the alsa packages are related to audio. If you don't need to do anything related to audio you can delete those packages and it will have no effect on the performance. The same goes for clloader. If you remove it it will have no effect on the performance, you'd just have more space available because the image will be smaller.

The list of packages you list under Edison middleware all perform various tasks. Again, you'd have to look specifically for the functionality of each package and see which ones you need and which ones you don't.