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i need help with the intel CurieBLE library for Arduino/Genuino 101. Iam trying to Advertise several LocalNames in a sketch, an example code would be appreciated.


have a sketch with different sensors , i.e one to NOTIFY me on the battery of which am using the example from the Library for Battery Monitor and then I have another which is to NOTIFY me when a pin goes HIGH or LOW and I was yet to add more sensors before I got stocked. My issue is, I am trying to send each of these reports independently with different Local names . When ever i upload the sketch both sensor report are being captured under one Local Name. Its either something is wrong with my logic or am trying something not possible. please this is very important to me as am very new to arduino101(am using TinyTILE) an example code or a correction to my code on how to achieve this would be well appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

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