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recovery error 0xc000000f

Hiii ..I bought my intel stick "STCK1A32WFC" from thailand and when i came home to sweden i tried to update it to win10 but for some reason is stack in middle and stopped running so i tried to get back to win8 but I got same problem so i decided to delete everything and try to instill a new I have this problem the blue screen and nothing working and no usb or sdcard can found to make the new the blue screen is show this.....pls some help.......

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Community Manager

Hi georgehawel,



I am afraid your stick lost the OS image and the recovery process will not work anymore.



It is necessary to replace your stick; Intel offers worldwide warranty so you can contact us from Sweden using the link below



I suggest you to review the article below, it explains and solves common issues.



Troubleshooting Windows* Issues on Intel® Compute Stick





Mike C
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