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sd card image with kernel 3.19.8 and kernel-dev for compile driver


i have downloaded the img at the link GitHub - xbolshe/galileo-custom-images: My custom images for Galileo board but this create make error for compile driver because The current image has no Kernel source code. It means that a driver compilation will fail. Can i have the list of commands for create an image with the software at the link galileo-sources/iot_1.2.0_kernel_3.19.8 at master · xbolshe/galileo-sources · GitHub without this problem? i need to modify the iwlwifi kernel after create the image. If is not possibile i need an image sd card with kernel 3.16 or + with this requisites.

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Hi Manosplace,



Thanks for your interest in the Intel® Galileo Platform.



That is a very challenging project and will need a lot of work on it. Currently, the kernel modifications are out of our support scope, however, we would like to suggest you to take a look at this thread: /message/323424# 323424 323424, there you can find the instructions to build Vanilla kernel version 4, however, you can use that instructions to add any other kernel, remember, you will need to add all the dependencies (you can look at the BSP Build Guide, section 6, for it) and in order to add full functionality to the Galileo you have to append every driver needed and also any other additional drivers you may need.



Hope this information helps.








Forget about that one and many others outdated kernels. Pretty nice upstream support is done here: GitHub - westeri/meta-acpi: Yocto BSP layer for ACPI enabled boards