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switch between 3g and wifi in Intel Edison


Hi all,

I am following the instructions in :

I am successfully using Wifi and 3G at the same time. Both connection works individually.

As the figure shows above, Intel Edison first will connect with Wifi and works properly.

If I disconnect the WIFI connection, the Intel cannot switch to 3g.

Here is what I want to achieve:

1. At first, connect with WiFi.

2. If the WiFi disconnect, the backup 3g module will connect automatically.

3. If the WiFi reconnect again, the connection will switch 3g module back to Wifi.

Any methods to do this?



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Community Manager

Hi Dapeng,



Thanks for your interest in the Intel Edison Platform.



We appreciate all the information provided. We would like to investigate a little bit more regarding how that could be done and as soon as we find helpful information we let you know.



We'll appreciate your patience during the meantime.





-Yermi A.


Community Manager

Hi Dapeng,



Thanks for your patience. We have been investigating and as you have mentioned the Edison board first will connect to your WIFI connection automatically since there is a daemon (wpa_suplicant.service) that runs in the background controlling the wireless connection, however, I was thinking of a method to connect automatically to your backup 3G module when the WIFI connection fails, and you could create a script that detects when the WIFI connection has failed and then switch to the 3G module and vice versa.



I have not created a script to do it, but I have found some information that you can find useful in order to create your script. Please take a look at the following links:


Hope this information helps.





-Yermi A.