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to connect an SD card


I am using Intel Edison Mini breakout board and I trying to connect an SD card. I use : Buy 5V/3.3V Compatible Perfect SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader For ARM MCU Read And Write CNT 002 fr… and I connect:

Pin 1 - NC

Pin 2 - GND

Pin 3 - V_V3P30

Pin 4 - NC

Pin 5 - GP83 (SD_DAT3)

Pin 6 - GP79 (SD_CMD)

Pin 7 - GP78 (SD_CLK)

Pin 8 - GP80 (SD_DAT0)

Pin 9 - NC

When I trying commend: dmesg |tail -n 10 I get:

[ 15.394883] wl_bss_connect_done succeeded with a0:63:91:03:28:fc

[ 15.461597] wl_bss_connect_done succeeded with a0:63:91:03:28:fc

[ 16.512393] ip (373) used greatest stack depth: 4932 bytes left

[ 18.754499] snd_intel_sst: Stop for str 14 pipe 0xe

[ 18.754984] snd_intel_sst: Free for str 14 pipe 0xe

[ 18.759099] snd_intel_sst: Stop for str 1 pipe 0x90

[ 18.759672] snd_intel_sst: Free for str 1 pipe 0x90

[ 18.762102] snd_intel_sst: runtime_idle called

[ 20.752563] snd_intel_sst: runtime_suspend called

I don't know what I did wrong.

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Hello Maciej,



Thank you for your interest in our Intel products.


In order to use an SD card interface with the mini-breakout board I think you could take a look at the Schematic of the Arduino Expansion Board (SD Card - Section)

If you want to wire something to the mini breakout board you must always check the hardware guide of the Edison Compute Module and the Mini-Breakout board.

More documents in: Intel® Edison Documents and Guides

You can use an SD or USB drive for storage, you can also create your own image with different partitions. [ Intel® Edison Boards — Board Support Package (BSP) User Guide]

About the A2DP connections; you can check the Intel® Edison Boards — Bluetooth* User Guide

Miracast, airplay.... Do you want to attach a webcam to the board and then stream video to another device? For example you can use gstreamer too.



Hope this helps.