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what are the improvements in healthcare technology after introducing Internet of things(IoT)?


I am trying to develop an IoT based In-hospital patient monitoring system.

For that I need to show the improvements in healthcare technology after introducing Internet of Things(IoT) in it compared to

i. Conventional healthcare(without using any technology)

In this case medical staff is required to periodically monitor the patient's vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure etc.

ii. By using Information technology in Healthcare

My question here is what are the improvements in healthcare technology by introducing Information technology compared to conventional way?

iii. By introducing Internet of Things(IoT) in healthcare

IoT enabled ubiquitous patient monitoring systems eliminate the need for a separate healthcare professional come by at regular intervals to check the patient's vital signs by employing sensors, gateways and the cloud to analyse and store the information and then send the analysed data wirelessly to medical professional for further analysis. In this way, IoT enabled devices simultaneously enhance the quality of care through regular monitoring and minimise the cost of care by eliminating the need for a medical administrator to actively engage in data collection and analysis.

What are the improvements in healthcare after introducing Internet of things(IoT) compared to introducing Information technology in Healthcare?

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The main benefits for Iot in healthcare industry are-

  • Automatic collection and analysis of data will reduce the errors, wastage and duplication of efforts.
  • IoT Helps to acquire real time data.
  • Helps in getting better patient experience by enhancing treatment procedures.
  • Reduce doctor visits.
  • Continuously monitor patients so that diseases can be easily identified.
  • Sensors can be installed to patient's home so that proper monitoring can be done from home also.
DM Yadav
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Internet of Things brings a lot of benefits to Healthcare industry, such as:

  • Health Monitoring
  • Better Patient Experience
  • Drug Management
  • Healthcare Automation
  • Preventive Healthcare

To learn more about each of these advantages I recommend reading this article about IoT in Healthcare:

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