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wpa_supplicant.conf breaks with multiple networks in jubilinux


Recently flashed my edison with jubilinux and am trying to configure wpa_supplicant.conf to use multiple networks. My /etc/network/interfaces file is set up correctly with the following lines:

auto wlan0

iface wlan0 inet dhcp

wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

everything works fine when only one network is configured in wpa_supplicant.conf, but when I add a second network (even a test network with a simple ssid and psk), "ifup wlan0" yields the following:

wpa_supplicant: /sbin/wpa_supplicant daemon failed to start

run-parts: /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/wpasupplicant exited with return code 1

Failed to bring up wlan0.

Commenting out or deleting the second network from wpa_supplicant.conf allows wlan0 to come up.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi ahanuban,



Thanks for reaching out!



I've been running some tests on my Edison to see if I can help you, nevertheless, I'm using the latest Yocto image. Unfortunately, I'm not able to replicate the behavior as Yocto does this automatically. So, I found a couple of links (for the Raspberry Pi as it uses Debian) that shows how to achieve this, you might be interested in reading them:



However, if you still have issues, I'd suggest you to contact the people that developed Jubilinux as they might be able to provide you a more accurate answer. I found their GitHub site in:



You can contact them by submitting an issue in



I hope this helps.


New Contributor I

I see this same behavior even when using the setup tool.

And there have been several posts about this also regarding Yocto (which I use as well).

It seems that you have to stick with the first network chosen. If you then start to connect to other networks you will loose automatic connection at startup even when returning to your first chosen network. I have not tested this out completely (already spend way too much time on getting my boards working and reflashing them...) but it might be a hint for someone who understands this in more depth then I do...

If someone knows a way to break that behavior...

Best, Hans.