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Overlapping-ISA heterogeneous multicore hardware prototype

Dear all,
Recently, I read this paper "Bridging Functional Heterogeneity in MulticoreArchitectures ", and I am interesting in this.
Now I try to use the "defeatured" hardware prototype. It seems that I have to disable some features in a subset of cores. I also refer to the previous work "Operating System Support for Overlapping-ISAHeterogeneous Multi-core Architectures". In this work, they disabled SSE4.1 in a subset of cores by modifying Linux kernel. There is just one sentence describing disabling SSE4.1 features.
'''Linux uses the CPUID instruction at boot time to enumerate features on each x86 CPU, including SSE4.1. We
extend it to construct a bitmap, where a one in bit i indicatesSSE4.1 support on CPU i and zero otherwise. '''
I intend to disable SSE4,1 features, but I have no idea to do.Could you help me to do this and more details are good for me. Thanks very much.
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