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Trace Collector Licensing

Can anyone tell me whether a Hyper-Threading CPU counts as 1 or 2 processors for the purposes of licensing the Intel Trace Collector?
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John -

Yours is an intriguing question, not only for Intel Trace Collector, but for all software that counts processors as a licensing restriction. Since HT doesn't give a 100% performance boost, should it be counted as a whole processor, should it be counted as a partial processor (and what fraction), or should it only be counted as a single processor?

To answer your specific question, Intel Trace Collector counts MPI processes against it's license not processors in the cluster. Thus, Hyper-Threading hasno bearing on the license.If your license was restricted to 8 processes,only runs with up to 8 processes would be able to be run with the Intel Trace Collector library and viewed with the Intel Trace Analyzer, but could be run on 8 processors of a 1024 node cluster.

-- clay

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