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when dual cores have access to different memorys and different HDDs.



I am a Korean to live in Seoul. My name is HyoungOak. I have used D820 (dual core processor) for 1 year. I have a question about dual core processors wheather to have access to different memory and different hdd at the same time. I think that dual cores should have
access to different memory and different hdd at the same time.
If then, dual core could have more things in having to do foregroud jobs and backgroud jobs.

IF D820 have different address bus and data busat dual core, I think that it can support above statements.

Is there anybody to answer email to me.

thanks Regard.
ps) I am poor at writing English. I am sorry for that.

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I think the value of dual core is the ability to get many of the advantages of multiple CPUs, without the cost of replicating all the peripheral resources. If you want 2 separate memory and disk controller systems, you have available relatively low cost platforms such as the Intel S3000PT motherboard, and you still get dual core on each board practically for the price of one.

hello tim18.

I thank youfor your kind answer.

I agree the merit of dual core is the ability to get many of advantages of mutiple CPUs.

ButI think that One Core have tohave one memory and one hdd,and another Core have tohave another memory and another hdd. Because recently desktop PC can have more hdd and more memory, if dual Cores have Seperate hardware Resource, Separate Corecan get preoceses from separate hardware Resource and execute precesses at separate memory. I think that in the point of thatDual coredon't have separate addressbus and data bus and have common address bus and common data bus,dual core have bottleneck of Bus resource. I thnk that Bus bottleneck result in the poor performance. and how much is theS3000PT motherboard? Iama little money in person,Have S3000PT to have 2 CPUs ?I want to have S3000PT data. Could you recommend S3000PT data?I thank you for your kind answer again.

Best Regard,