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Hola, me compre este NUC de segunda mano con un procesador Celeron J6050, con SSD de 500 GB y 8 GB en RAM.

La cosa es que lo encuentro un poco lento y me gustaría saber qué componentes se le pueden actualizar a este equipo y si es compatible con las memorias Optane de Intel.

Espero alguien me pueda ayudar

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You purchased a bottom-of-the-barrel, six generations old, dual-core Celeron processor, one that is not much more than an Atom on steroids, and you find it slow? Hhmmm, just what were you expecting? Miracles?

So, possibilities...

  • Faster SSD? You are limited by the SATA III interface to 600/550 Gb/s R/W speeds. You want to make sure you have a SSD that comes as close to that as possible. Use Crystal DiskMark to see how fast your current one actually is.
  • More Memory? The SoC is spec'ed as supporting up to 8GB. Rumor has it that, provided you have a SODIMM that utilizes 4Gb memory technology (8Gb memory technology is NOT supported), you might (no promises) get away with upgrading to 16GB. Remember that this needs to be DDR3L (1.35V low-voltage DDR3) SODIMM memory. Again, no promises; luck may be involved. Borrow to test before purchasing if you can.

Hope this helps,


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