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NUC8i7HVK failed bluetooth


Hi, can anyone help me?  Thanks!

my  NUC8i7HVK's Bluetooth work failed suddenly, and can't find it in the device manager.

all my usb devices work all fine(mouse  & keyboard).  All the drivers were updated and the Intel driver support assistant has checked.

the device manager has an "Unknown USB Device...." as attached photos. Before happening, I use a Logitech Bluetooth mouse: M337.

Thanks for any help!

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Dear  n_scott_pearson :
It works!!!

My Bluetooth comes back again !!!

I really appreciate your help and Leon too. 

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What is the status of the mouse battery (is the Power LED solid blue?)




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Hi, Leon:

Yes, If I push the center button of the mouse, it will flash blue light as attached photo.

The light on NUC also the same as usual too.

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First thing to try is disconnecting power completely for 15 minutes. If this allows the BT device to be found properly, great. Otherwise, I can only suggest doing a clean install of the Wireless and Bluetooth drivers. Here is my process:

  1. If you haven't already, download - but do not install just yet - the desired Bluetooth and Wireless driver packages for your adapter. Here are the current links for downloading these drivers: Wireless: and Bluetooth:
  2. Disable Internet access. Unplug Ethernet cable and/or disable wireless. Keep disabled until told to re-enable.
  3. From the Apps & Features applet, check for instances of Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and Intel Wireless Bluetooth. If none, skip to Step 6.
  4. Uninstall each instance of Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and/or Intel Wireless Bluetooth that is present. When prompted, choose to "Discard Settings".
  5. Manually reboot your computer, keeping Internet access disabled throughout.
  6. From the Device Manager applet, check the Network Adapters section for an entry for Intel Dual Band Wireless 8265 and check the Bluetooth section for an entry for Intel Wireless Bluetooth that has an intel driver associated with it. If neither is the case, go to Step 10.
  7. Right click on the entry for Intel Dual Band Wireless 8265 and uninstall it, choosing to (checkmark) Delete the driver software for this device.
  8. Right click on the entry for Intel Wireless Bluetooth and open its properties. If it has an Intel driver associated with it, then uninstall it, choosing to (checkmark) Delete the driver software for this device.
  9. Go to Step 5.
  10. (Optional but recommended) Clean out all temporary files using the Windows Clean Disk tool. Ensure you have enabled cleaning of System Files. I recommend that you then checkmark all categories offered, even if no files currently in this category (so it leaves it set up for next invocation).
  11. (Optional but recommended) Clear each of your browsers' cache.
  12. Install the downloaded Bluetooth driver package (my rule: always install Bluetooth first).
  13. Install the downloaded Wireless driver package.
  14. Manually shutdown and reboot your computer.
  15. Reenable Internet access. Restore Ethernet cable and/or reenable wireless.
  16. Test.

Hope this helps,



Dear  n_scott_pearson :
It works!!!

My Bluetooth comes back again !!!

I really appreciate your help and Leon too. 

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Guarantee you have empowered the cleaning of Framework Records. It would be best if you then marked of approval all classes offered, regardless of whether no documents are right now in this classification (so it leaves it set up for the accompanying summon.

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