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NUC9I9QNB, Bluescreen and shuts down repeatedly.




I have issues with a Razer Tomahawk that is running with a NUC9I9QNB.

To my knowledge and from what I can read online with optimal temps for this unit, it seems like it is running extremely hot.

I am suspecting that the internal fan in the nuc9 is not spinning as it is supposed to and therefor not cooling and making the computer shut down completely as well as bluescreen with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR over and over again.


Anyone else have any experience with this issue or tips/ tricks regarding this? Or can for certain say that their own nuc9 is running cooler then this one?

Is it possible to buy a new fan somewere or see the fan speed through software somehow?

Idle temps below: 


Thank you.

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You are using a very old and out-of-date tool (sadly, Alfredo seems to have given up on it). Please use something more up-to-date like HWiNFO64 or (better) AIDA64 to produce a more-accurate and more-complete report and post the results here.


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