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NUC9i7QNX PCH M.2 Nvme SSD Read/Write Low Speed


I installed a Samsung 970 evo in the Nuc9i7qnx pch m.2 slot, but it doesn't get the proper speed.

The original speed should be over 3000MB/S for Read, but it operates at half the speed of about 1900MB.

For what reason?

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I have a NUC9V7QNX.   Compared to yours:,190103

I have a Samsung 970 EVO+ 512GB installed.

My crystal diskmark shows:



Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)

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Al's system is identical to yours, barring its support for vPro. If your system continues to have this issue (you've tried rerunning after reboot?), I suggest you open the system back up and reseat (i.e., remove and then reinstall) the SSD. If this fails to fix the issue, I suggest you replace this SSD (you would not be the first person to come here complaining about what turns out to be a bad SSD).

Hope this helps,


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I came here because of the same problem. My Samsung Evo Plus 2TB is only doing about 1400MB/s read with QD1. This should be much more. 3500 MB/s according to specs. 2200 MB/s according to tests (of the 1TB model). The SSD is fine. It has expected performance levels in other systems.
Please note, that AlHill's benchmark shows the problem, too. Look at the QD1 results
And even QD8 is way too low.
My NUC9 is brand new and I'm a bit disappointed that this issue doesn't seem to get any attention at all, being well over 6 months old now.
The problem in my case persists on both Windows and Linux.
Also see here:
There the same problem manifests. Why is there no information from Intel regarding this issue?

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