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64GM ram with max 16GB modules?




I'm looking at purchasing an i7 10th gen NUC (I would have liked 11th gen.. but I supposed they won't be available in stores until next spring).


Looking at the specs for the NUC10i7FNK, I see here that it supports a maximum of 64GB of ram, yet on the same page they state that it "Supports only 8 Gbit and 16 Gbit memory technology (SDRAM density)". The page also stated that there are only 2 memory slots. 

How can I have 64GB of RAM with a max of 2x16GB?

Furtheremore, do I always have to pair the memory modules, or I can install only 1 module. Ideally 1x32GB is what I would like to install... Something like this.


Would it work?

Thanks for your help.

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1. "Supports only 8 Gbit and 16 Gbit memory technology (SDRAM density)" means that the SO DIMM is build from 8 Gbit (Giga bit rather than Giga Byte) SDRAM modules. So, for example one sided 8GB SO DIMM will have 8 x 1 Gbit SDRAM components and dual sided 32 GB SO DIMM will contain 16 x 16 Gbits SDRAM components. See Table 4 in Technical Product Specification for the Supported Memory Configuration.

2. Please see the Compatibility List   for memory modules validated by Intel for NUC10i7FNH. The Crucial SO DIMM wasn't tested on this NUC. In addition, 2666 MHz memory is specified for this NUC, although the module you want buy may work but you taking a chance.  So, better buy Intel validated memory.

3. Instead of using one 32 MB SO DIMM, better performance will be achieved (dual channel mode),  using 2  x  16GB module (two same P/N modules should be used). However, you may install only one memory module if the performance aspect is not important for you.