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8I7HNK/8I7HVK Hades Canyon "Radeon RX Vega M" Manual Driver

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This is intended as a "stopgap" solution to the Hades Canyon AMD driver shortage.

I did not develop this solution.  A user on the AMD forum did.  He is  jcmlsn on the AMD forum and I believe he is the same on the Intel forum:   @jcmlsn    I want to acknowledge his effort in putting this procedure together.  And, there is a another user on the Intel forum who has also been successful at developing a procedure to update the Hades Canyon AMD graphics ( @powerarmour ). 

We should all thank them for their efforts. 

Also, I am not a fan of these types of procedures, especially those involving registry edits.  However, after eight months of dynamic inaction, it appears there is little choice except to do this manual install while we wait for the AMD driver issue to be resolved.  My sons each have a Hades Canyon, and I am told there are games that they are unable to use because of updated drivers not being available.

I have tried this procedure on my Hades Canyon and it works.  Review the procedure a couple of times to make sure you understand it. Doing this type of procedure is at your own risk.

The link to the jcmlsn procedure is:

The link to the powerarmour procedure (in graphical form) is:

I would add, for the jcmlsn procedure,  if you want to run the Radeon software, make sure you follow the instructions in step 9.

As always, be patient while doing the update.  And, you will require two reboots.  After that, you will be on the latest version of the AMD driver for Hades Canyon.

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Just to confirm, my first update was to the AMD September update using jcmlsn procedure.

Then, I updated to the AMD November update using the powerarmour procedure.

The device manager and the AMD Radeon software both display the proper revision number.

All seems fine.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)

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Thanks for the mention @AlHill and yes I agree, as it's now seemingly clear that we won't be receiving any 'official' support, then an unofficial method is certainly worth considering, especially when many newer games (like Horizon Zero Dawn etc) simply won't run correctly with older Windows drivers.

As a predominantly Linux user myself, I'd also recommend switching to a modern Linux distro (anything with >5.6 kernel and Mesa >20 w/RADV for the Hades Canyon is great) as you'll have a superb driver experience out of the box, and with Steam w/Proton have a nice selection of games to run too.

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I've make this try and have updated my NUC to version 20.11.2, using the procedure described by @jcmlsn . The update was successful. The version shown in Apps and Features remains not updated (i.e. 20.4.1). This fact wasn't important for me. The reason that I've downgraded the AMD Driver back to version 19.12.1 is that with the all newer versions (including the latest 20.11.2) I can't record video, nether from desktop and neither from camera. The last version that gives this possibility is version 19.12.1.

Can you record desktop with this new version release after 19.12.1?



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@LeonWaksman wrote:

Can you record desktop with this new version release after 19.12.1?

OBS still works fine, though I haven't tested the control panel hack though as it's something I generally don't install anyway. 

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I've been updating my Radeon drivers with this method as well and am currently at 20.11.2. However, I've not used the last step where you tweak the registry settings to get Radeon Settings software to work. Naturally I've also done the manual update without any Radeon drivers installed (such as 20.4.1). Everything works just great and as I don't have much use for Radeon Settings anyway, I'd much rather just not touch the registry.

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Thanks AlHill.

Can confirm I have tested the @jcmlsn method is this works. Now running 20.11.2 which shoes in both the AMD software and device manager. 

The old 20.2.2 was affecting my gameplay also with many games failing to display accurately.

Lets hope for proper software shortly.


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hi, someone use After Effects or DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Rush to test latest version of driver?

after 19.12.1 all version I tried didn't work with these software.

thank you

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Hello @8rnity 

I had problems with DaVinci Resolve 16 but now it's working fine with 20.9.1 Driver Version (Windows Driver Store Version 27.20.12029.1000), manual update of driver of course, hope that helps.



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