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965wh board--usb ports suddenly do not work

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The usb ports on my computer suddenly stopped working for the most part. It started when I noticed that my wireless keyboard didn't work. The card readers are not showing up or reading, nor the front usb ports. The only port that is working is for the web cam on my monitor. Any ideas? They have been working fine.

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Here are a few steps that you can try:

1. On your Windows* device manager, expand the Universal Serial Bus controller option and then proceed to uninstall every single USB device by right clicking on them and selecting the uninstall option, then reboot your system and let Windows* install the USB devices by itself and then test your USB ports.

2. Test different USB devices and try differen ports

3. Disconecct the front panel and test just the back USB ports, if the devices do work on the back panel, the problem might be related with the front panel ports

4. Backup your data and reinstall the operating system. following the critical driver installation order. The driver installation order is one of the most crucial issues when talking about overall platform performance. This is especially true for Intel(R) chipsets. The most critical step in the installation order is to install the Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility first before all other drivers. The correct driver installation order is as follows:

a) Fresh Operating System Installation


b) Latest Service Pack or Patch


c) Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility (INF Utility)


d) Microsoft* DirectX* 9.0 or higher


e) Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager (if applicable)


f ) All other device drivers

For further reference on this installation order you can visit the following website:

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Could this be a Windows 7 issue with the motherboard? I have been running W7 since November without problem. Now this. The only usb port that seems to work is for the web cam built into my Dell Monitor, but I'm not certain that is the only source for the web cam... Wish I knew more. Thanks for any further assistance. I'm thinking about upgrading to another MOBO.

Community Manager

The problem could be related with the Windows 7 since this operating system has not been validated for the DG965WH ( unfortunately there are not going to be drivers for Windows* 7 for this desktop board since it's has been out of support since 2008 ), you can try to test with a fully compatible operating system, for more information on compatible operating systems check the following URL:

Before trying with a different operating system try the troubleshooting that we provide you on the previous post