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The following will fix your INTEL NUC and or other INTEL boards and Kits running Windows RS3-1709-16299.194

I had recently been hit with an issue that caused a BSOD with the following STOP code APC_INDEX_MISMATCH without any other information. 2x things that I had found during my troubleshooting steps, like anyone familiar, I went straight to the event log's only to find alert messages about CPU load from GROUP ID 0 had been moved to and so forth depending on your CPU cores. I did a CPU stress test it bombed again at the BSOD. With the same error message. Given the fact that in my environment I am running a MSFT-Windows-Storage_Space for External Data, during my CPU stress test it errored out via SATA IO threshold test, the curl pit was found in a bad STORAGE POOL with INTEL's Content Protection HECI Service. Along with INTEL SUR QC Software Asset Manager. I fired up the run command (Windows+R) and typed msconfig, disabling the following above had no longer had an issue since. I ping back through out the day or in the following days to confirm.


If using a drive with SATA support and BSOD happens with APC_INDEX_MISMATCH, try disabling the following.

If not using a drive with Storage Spaces and or Storage Pools, try disabling the following.

  • · INTEL's Content Protection HECI Service. Along with INTEL SUR QC Software Asset Manager

[JWL1]The Following will cause BSOD – APC_INDEX_MISMATCH with CPU choke and IO

NOTE* IF someone has a better fix for the time being please let me know and let's keep this thread as a central hub for a fix for others.

Later guys & gals.

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So for the last 24 hours machine is up and running, no issues, no faults, no IO error. Good to go.