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Active System Console won't show reason for alarms


I may have just posted this in an inappropriate place. I'm using Intel® System Management Software (downloaded as IntelActiveSystemConsole-Build22.exe) to check an older server for which it clearly is supported. The software appears to install and run okay, but its behavior is not.

When run, it appears to indicate problems with the Hard Drives and Processor. However, I can find no way to get it to tell me what it thinks is wrong with them. Clicking on the buttons just tells me how the hardware is configured, There are no issues displayed outside of the SEL, and the SEL doesn't have anything of significance to say either.

The documentation mentions limititations if the software is installed as an agent rather than from a CD, but this was neither -- it was downloaded from the Intel Downloads area. I have no CD for Intel Active System Console, nor any idea where to get one.

How can I resolve this and get some better analysis?


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Hi there,

Firstly check whether your system supports Intel Active COnsole:

If your board is on the list and your OS is supported, then try to use the SELViewer to check the board System Event Log.

Create a Dos Bootable Usb using the BootFlashDos tool

Download from this link:

Run the Selviewer and save the log

Check if it says anything critical.

Check whether the CPU and the hard drives are on the Compatibility list for the board as a reference

All the best,




Hi, Rajiv/Aryan, thanks for responding to my question.

First, yes, as I stated in my posting, this motherboard (SE7520AF2) is definitely supported for Intel Active System Console.

Active System Console does display SEL events properly (that's about all it does well), so I don't need SELviewer (which I am familiar with). It shows no problems with either the CPUs or hard drives. The CPUs are also definitely supported for this motherboard, and I believe the hard drives are as well, although Intel isn't typically all that choosy about major brand (Seagate, etc.) SCSI hard drives.

Is there a resource anywhere for proper documentation for Active System Console?




You have 2 issues at hand.

· 1. Hard disk is shows up as critical

· 2. CPU shows up as critical.

For Point 1:-

· Intel Active System Console(IASC) shows the Hard Disk as warning if you had used more than 75% of the disk space in "C" Drive and it will show as critical if you are using more than 90% of your "C" drive.

· Hence you can possibly move some of your data to some other drive(if you have created one). This will increase your system performance.

· Once the above step is performed,

For Point2:-

CPU Warning/Critical shows in IASC but IASC currently has the limitation that it cannot directly point out what is the exact error(Most of the time if the SEL gets full, then the error message will not get captured). The solution to this is:-

1. You will need to reboot the server

2. Press F2 to enter the server BIOS

3. Check for any processor POST error messages.

4. If so then go to Processor Configuration and enable processor retest. This will perform a check on the processor during the next reboot.

5. Also clear the SEL if you don't want the current logs(Only if needed)

6. Press F10 to save and exit.

7. </...