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After an update for the BIOS version 0037 for my brand new Intel NUC8i5INH. I cannot turn the computer on. every time I press the power button it blinks once then nothing happen. How can I solve this problem ?


Intel Driver & Support assistant requested multiple updates to drivers and one of the updates was for the BIOS. the system start updating and after finish the update for the BIOS and firmware, showed message "shutting down". Since that every time I press the power button it blinks once and shut down again.

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  1. Disconnect the Power Adapter and remove the bottom cover.
  2. Disconnect the CMOS battery connector (item "Q", page 16 in the Technical Product Specification). Wait 15 minutes.
  3. Reconnect the CMOS battery and the Power Adapter.
  4. Power ON your NUC. If it is working now that's nice, however, if still failed, execute Bios Recovery with the yellow security jumper removed:
  5. Prepare USB stick fully formatted to FAT32 with Bios file IN0037.CAP. Format your USB with Quick Format option unchecked. Do not format your USB in MAC (OS) or Linux machine. Use Windows. Important : the USB device must contain a folder \EFI\Intel, which contains the IN0037.CAP file. Otherwise the recovery will fail. ExampleD:\EFI\INTEL\IN0037.CAP
  6. Disconnect the power adapter and remove the bottom panel from your NUC.
  7. Remove the Yellow Bios Security Jumper. (page 44 in Technical Product Specification )
  8. Insert the USB with the IN0037.CAP file into rear USB slot.
  9. Reconnect the power adapter and power ON the NUC. Wait 30 sec - 2min. The Recovery process will start automatically and will end after 2 -5 minutes.
  10. When bios recovery is completed, press and hold the Power Button to switch the power OFF, remove the power adapter and replace the Security Jumper (pins 1-2) . Reinstall the bottom panel.
  11. Power your NUC ON.
  12. Enter Bios setting by pressing F2 during boot process.
  13. Press F9(followed by "Y"), to set Bios to default settings. Press F10 (followed by "Y"), to save the settings and exit to O.S. Let the NUC fully reboot.





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The exact same thing has happened to me with a NUC (NUC8i7INH) that was purchased two days ago. Downloaded BIOS 0037 and applied it. After that, the machine wouldn't turn on; just a short blink of both LEDs and the machine would go back off. No recovery procedure helps (including the security jumper method). The unit has been replaced.


By the way, the very same thing has been documented by other people, for example here:


And here:


Perhaps it would be beneficial to pull this BIOS release until further investigation could be made.


Moreover, this is not the only issue with a recent NUC BIOS release. BIOS 0079 for NUC8i7BEH would not install (documented in these forums as well, by many people), and was eventually pulled. Being the owner of a NUC8i7BEH machine too, I, too, have experienced this.