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Anyone install a 3060 ti into their NUC9i9QNX yet?

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The dimensions of the EVGA 3060 ti XC seems to be a better fit than my ZOTAC 2070 Super mini with lower power requirements.

650W VS 600W recommended and 210mm VS 202mm. <- 3060 bolded

I also found this listing for the NUC919QNX where the 3060 is even listed as an option:

Intel® NUC 9 Extreme Kit NUC9i9QNX 9th generation Custom Mini PC | AVADirect

The card is out of stock (of course) but this could be the perfect match for this system.

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Hi there - late reply to your post but I have installed the EVGA 3060 Ti XC into my NUC9i7QNX. 

Can confirm that it fits (with a few caveats), and runs games with no problem. I had to remove the backplate from the card (since it sticks out ~5mm from the PCB) in order to get the card in. The end of the backplate closer to the front of the case seems to foul against the front panel connectors and removing the backplate resolves this. An added benefit is that there is now actually a gap between the NUC element and back of the GPU for some airflow. 

The other slightly annoying part is that the EVGA cards have the power connectors upside down compared to other AIBs - which means when I use the right-angled PCIe power connector, it has to do a 180 degree turn before connecting in. Managed to fit it though without too much trouble. There is still a fair bit of room in front of the card between the front panel for cable management. An easy fix if you use the non-right angled connector (though it might require quite a lot of squashing of cables to get the top to close) or get a right angled connector which goes the other way for the PSU. 

Thermals are very good with the card, and it runs relatively silently. EVGA have put an excellent cooler on this model and it's a great fit for the NUC. 

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm holding off for a few more months to see if a gen 11 compute module comes out for our NUC, hoping to do both upgrades at once. If not the 3060ti should be a great update on its own.


Would be an excellent upgrade if Gen 11 H compute elements come out! Though the 9th gen chips are more than enough for something like a 3060 Ti based on my experience, especially the i9. 

Worthwhile to keep your eye out for the EVGA 3060 Ti now to see if you can snatch one, because they seem to be rarer than unicorns. Currently the mining GPU of choice. 

For reference, the 3060 Ti is ~ 2080 SUPER, so I wouldn't call it a massive upgrade over a 2070S for rasterisation. RTX performance, thermals + power consumption is the main benefit. 

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I'm on a 2060 so the jump to 3060ti is a bit bigger.

I'd be happy with an 11th gen CPU upgrade for stuff other than gaming.

I use my NUC9i9QNX mobile work/play station and have stuff like Visual Studio and Unity running a lot.

It would be cool to get an 11th gen module with LPDDR4X 4267 support although I have not seen latency numbers on those yet.